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The last thing you need is another analytics dashboard for QR Code campaigns. Check if your QR Code Generator allows you to integrate with other analytics platforms. As mentioned above, most advanced QR Code generators can track scanning activity. But only a few can tell exactly who scanned the QR Code i. This feature is called Lead Generation. If you are looking to capture leads information for re-marketing, you should check if the generator has this option. Also check if the leads information can be integrated with your CRM—say via Zapier webhooks. You need to make your QR Code stand out.

It should scream to your audience that this is a point-of-engagement. You can do this by making your QR Codes colorful and personalized to your brand. This can be possible if your generator has advanced QR Code designing capabilities. If you will need to regularly design QR Codes, does your generator allow you to save designs as templates? There are categories of QR Codes depending on what information you want to share. Or what action you want your target audience to take.

10+ Best Free QR Code Generator software Online in 2018

App Store QR Code redirects you to the right app download page depending on the operating system of the scanning device. Basic apps will let you create about basic content categories. Can you password-protect your QR Code? QR Code makes most sense when added to print media. These are the formats your designer—working on Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, or Sketch 3—will ask for.

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So make sure your generator exports vector images of QR Codes. And not only of black-and-white QR Codes but designer ones as well.

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Error correction is useful if you are adding a logo to your QR Code or if it is vulnerable to wear and tear. Error correction ensures that your QR Code remains scannable even if it is a little damaged.

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Tip for Scanova Users: Scanova uses complex image processing and algorithms to generate scannable QR Codes only. What they will not tell you is that they will add mobile ads to your landing pages. This affects user experience of your audience and can significantly decrease conversion rate. Choose a QR Code Generator that keeps landing pages completely ad-free.

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Note that sometimes free QR Code readers also include advertisements. If this happens, this is out of the control of the QR Code generation tool. Or if you manage QR Codes for multiple campaigns. For example: Deactivate an entire campaign in one go instead of deactivating 20 QR Codes one by one. See analytics at campaign-level instead of QR Code-level. The biggest advantage of a web-app over licensed software is flexibility.

You can subscribe to the software only when you need it.

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But many generators will not give you this flexibility and ask you to subscribe for a at least a year. Check what flexible payment options does the generator have—monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually. Does it offer bulk period discounts? Do you know if your campaign is going to be successful or not?

Often, QR Code generators will put a limit on the number of scans you get in your subscription plan. How do you choose a plan if you are not sure how many scans you will get? Some things to look for when choosing a QR code generator are whether you can track and analyze performance, if it allows you to design a code that is unique to your brand, and if it is compatible with common QR code readers.

QRzebra is one of the best and complete Free QR code generators I have tested, easy to use and you can really make some awesome custom designs that you can save as a template to reuse later. No need to sign up, really easy to use. On QRzebra you can also track data and make dynamic QR codes for more professional use.

Choose from a variety of available QR Code types: Save the Code or insert it into your website with ease.

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Unitag is a free tool for design QR Code with just a click away. Unitag support multiple QR Code template, colors, logo and background option. This is simple and easy use QR Code creator tool. With Free-qr-code.

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Create QR codes ready to print or to add to a t-shirt. Generate your QR Code for urls, vcard, facebook, youtube and more.